In alphabetical order, we present a selection of art produced by some of our members.

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Mike Ainsworth

Mike has always had a great passion for art and through years of dedication now enjoys a successful career as a professional artist creating works from traditional landscapes and wild animals to contemporary and modern styles.

As a member of the International Guild of Artists he has won various awards for his work and, whilst competent in most mediums, Mike has a preference for working in oils and acrylics and retains his passion for sketching so is rarely without a pad to hand.

Bryan Boxall

Bryan enjoys the atmosphere of the group as it helps him focus on his work. He originally worked in pen and ink but recently started experimenting with colour.

Joan Glynn

Joan attended a watercolour workshop at a local church festival in 2008 and was immediately hooked. This was followed by a course at Runshaw College where she acquired the basics of watercolour painting.

Now a member of the Leyland Artists she is happy to tackle any subject and loves the creative process of painting.

Pam Harvey

Although she uses a variety of mediums Pam works mainly in Pastels, Pencil and Graphite and undertakes many commissions. She treats any new subject as a challenge.

Joan Hassall

Joan takes her paints with her on holiday and enjoys nothing more than an afternoon or two just painting.

She specialises in no specific subject as she paints what she sees and feels, which can be a little unnerving as she has just completed a series of fairies!!!

Jim Rawcliffe

Jim's interest in military history and all things mechanical is reflected much of the art he produces.

Eileen Rilett

Persuaded by her friends Eileen decided to have a go at painting and has really taken to it. In 2015 she exhibited some of her work in the Leyland Artists exhibitions and has also had work accepted for the popular Open Art exhibition held every year by South Ribble Borough Council.

Sue Redman

Susan saw some of Joan Hassall's work and was inspired to join Leyland Artists and have a go herself.

Although picking up the basics very quickly she claims she still has a lot to learn but feels the friendly atmosphere at the meetings proves helpful with her art journey.

Julie Anne Searing

Julie Ann is a recent member and has just started to exhibit her work with Leyland Artists. She paints passion into every piece.

Anne Squire

After a watercolour workshop at her local Women's Institute meeting Anne was encouraged by her impressed friends to continue to paint. 

She joined Leyland Artists to continue to develop her own style of floral artwork using watercolours.

Paul Stanley

After painting on and off for years Paul has now, since retirement, taken up his brushes again. Although he enjoys working in several mediums he mostly paints using watercolours.

Margaret Vinten

Margaret, a founder member of the group, has been painting for over fifty years. Her favourite medium is watercolour but also works with acrylic and pen & ink. She loves experimenting with different mediums and has included woodland leaves and branches in her work before now!

Stephen Watson

Primarily an artist who works in three dimensions Stephen uses the knowledge gained from the group to develop is drawing skills to aid him in his design work. He works with many mediums including paper, wood, fabric and plastics.

Anne Worsnop

Anne freely paints her watercolours using a wide range of colours in her pallette.

Jeff Worsnop

Jeff loves to work with bold colours in oils and acrylics and is not afraid to experiment and bend the rules.

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