What We Do

Throughout the year we meet to enjoy our art, be it sketching, painting, discussing or exhibiting.

We provide a weekly friendly forum for members to gather to paint in watercolour and other media and to share their interest and experience. New members are always welcome.

Our two hour meetings are very informal. Most evenings we work on our drawing or painting and discuss styles, techniques, latest trends in the art world and generally catch up on any other art related topic, usually over a cup of tea or coffee at break time.

A few times a year we invite professional and keen amateur artists to come along and give us a demonstration of their work.

There is no subscription fee. You pay only on the evenings you attend. Not charging an annual subscription still allows those who have to watch their outgoings a little more closely the opportunity to visit and enjoy the group as they feel able to. Some people visit every week, some only once a month, the choice is yours. All we charge is £2.00 per session which includes refreshments.

Who Can Join?

Anyone over the age of eighteen can become a member. There is no entry level as we feel art is what you make it so even if you have never held a brush before don't let that stop you. 

Our meeting room has full disabled access and facilities but if you need support to carry out your activities you may need to bring someone (a friend or support worker if you use one) to assist as we cannot guarantee there will always be someone available to help you. 

Support staff or helpers do not have to pay.

Do You Give Lessons?

We don't offer formal tuition. However our skills range from very basic beginners to professional artists and many are willing to help with tips, techniques and friendly advice through helpful mentoring. 

Many members run workshops at the meetings where you can pick up further skills and experiment with other mediums. It's what we do. See the 'Meetings' option for future workshops.

We also have a comprehensive library of books and DVD's available.

What Materials Can be Used?

Almost any medium can be used and we work in watercolour, pencil, charcoal, pastels and acrylics. 

Unfortunately we cannot use oil paints due to the residual odours they leave behind and the potential disaster of them hitting the carpet!

Can I Sell at Meetings?

Unfortunately not. Our contract for the meeting room does not allow trade or sale of goods on the premises but you are free to sell your artwork created at the meetings through your own online presence or elsewhere. 

See the 'Exhibitions' page for details of selling your work with the Leyland Artists.

Brew Time

Half way through the evening we take a break for a brew and a bite to catch up on the gossip of the art world. 

To be fair everyone takes a turn at brewing up, a chore you can share with a colleague and a task only required a few times a year!